Guess This Gear Episode 2 / An Exercise in Listening

In our last episode, we highlighted some FM’ish synthesizers. The correct answers were:
Bassline: Dexed (virtual instrument) by Digital Suburban
Bells: Casio VZ1 (hardware instrument)
Pad: FM8 (virtual instrument) by Native Instruments
This time, we will be putting some (virtual) analog synthesizers in the mix. This particular piece consists of a bassline, high short stabs and a noisy synth and was created using three instruments that make use of classic analog additive synthesis:

a) Vanguard (virtual instrument) by ReFX. This virtual analog instrument has been around since 2004 and contains 3 oscillators with a variety of waveforms, and a very versatile modulation and unison section.


b) OB-6 (hardware instrument) by Dave Smith Instruments. This modern resurrection of the classic 80s Oberheim analog synth series is a result of a unique collaboration between DSI and Tom Oberheim (2016). With 6 voices and 2 VCOs per voice, the usual filter banks and a modern selection of effects, it is modelled after the original SEM circuitry.

c) OB-Xd (virtual instrument) by discoDSP.
This freeware virtual instrument attempts to recreate the sound of the analog Oberheim OB-X from the early 80s, and contains a number of options to enrichen the sound through micro random detuning.

Can you tell which is which? Answer will be included in our next episode! Leave a comment here, or go to our Instagram to leave a comment.

May, 02 2018
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