Guess This Gear Episode 3 / An Exercise in Listening

In our last episode, we tried out some virtual analog synthesizers. The correct answers were:
Bassline: OB-6 (hardware instrument) by Dave Smith Instruments.
Short stabs: OB-Xd (virtual instrument) by discoDSP.
Noisy synth: Vanguard (virtual instrument) by ReFX.
This time, it’s time for some synthesizers with bass capabilities. Specifically, this track consists of a sustained bassline, short low octave bass stabs, and short high octave (bass) stabs, all using the sub oscillator functionality of three different synthesizers:

a) Polysix (virtual instrument) by KORG. This virtual instrument is a modern remake and emulation of the original KORG Polysix.. by KORG itself. As a polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer, it has a VCO and sub osc per voice, elaborate modulation and unison effects, giving it its characteristic brassy sound.

b) Volca Bass (hardware instrument) by KORG. A small little monophonic powerhouse that looks like a toy but packs a punch. It contains 3 tunable saw/square VCOs, along with a distinct VCF that is very closely related to the legendary KORG MS-20. Its signal path is completely analog, with modern MIDI and sync capability.

c) TAL-BassLine (virtual instrument) by TAL. This is a freeware virtual analog bass synthesizer equipped with the usual knobs and sliders as you would expect on physical hardware. It contains mixable saw or pulse VCOs, very fast envelopes and oversampled audio.

Can you tell which is which? Answer will be included in our next episode! Leave a comment here, or go to our Instagram to leave a comment.

May, 14 2018
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