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Press ReleaseSeptember 30, 2019

How bad can it be? Go out of tune and off the grid with the Bad Tape from denise.

The Bad Tape is the next plugin from denise audio. We like to describe it as a tape harming (#tapeharm) effect plugin. Its focus is on creating extreme tape artifacts… and man does it sound bad. The inspiration for the Bad Tape came from denise team member Enrico ‘nrec’ Tiberi: “I was using a lot of my old Akai 4000 DS MK2 reel to reel tape recorder pressing the tape to slow it down as an effect and that made me want a plugin that could control how to break the sound without having to use my fingers each time and without all the cables and fuss that analog hardware inevitably brings”.

Combining a good old vintage tape sound with harming features makes the Bad Tape a very creative and versatile tool. Want an “out of tune and off the grid” beat or a wonky drum groove? Just keep the detune button pressed and it will create a tape-stop in real time. Press it shortly for slight slow-downs and speed-ups, or use wow and shake to make it go in and out of tune and go off grid periodically. Use the mix knob to create tracks that are heavily saturated and detuned, with additional interesting tape artifacts like hiss, squeal and harm. The Bad Tape can be used to color and detune your whole track, or it can be applied to just one bar at the end of a section to help introduce some variation and lead in the next section of your song.

I have wanted a tape machine for a long time but this will hold me off that mission for a while. For now I use mostly samples and this really enables me to f**k with them and create some really special warped out fx – I especially like to mess around with ‘Wow’, ‘Hiss’, ‘Squeal’ and ‘Harm’. I’ve also used it on top of the Granulator II and I’m in love! – S Ruston, DJ/Producer

The denise Bad Tape features:

  • Mix: Smoothly mix in different extreme tape artifacts with great precision.
  • Detune (Tape stop): Slow down the tape in real time, as if you would press your finger on the tape reel.
  • Wobble & Shake: Randomly detune the pitch of your track like your tape machine has an inconsistent playback speed.
  • Harm: Introduce failing tape artifacts with subtle bitcrushing.
  • Squeal & Noize: Add old tape machine noises for character and vibe.
  • Color & Speed : Adjust the color and speed of the tape for a unique flavour.
  • Saturate your tracks for that good old vintage tape sound. Warm and smooth character due to hysteresis emulation.
  • Comes with presets for synth, drums, bass and classic tape style effects.
  • Low CPU usage & works offline without dongles or complex licence managers.

The Bad Tape (VST/AU/AXX/VST3) is available now. Find it along with many video tips & tricks on webstore. To celebrate autumn, the Bad Tape costs €14.99 until the 13th of October! Regular retail price is €48.90.


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How bad can it be? video – nrec:
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