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challenge 2020

Weekly winners, fame & over 2000€ worth of prizes!
We at denise are giving our users the chance to add some serious audio editing possibilities to their denise library. Every week, one user has the chance to win up to 250 Euros worth of denise store credit. After six weeks, one grand prize winner will earn 1000 Euros worth of denise store credit! For a chance to win a prize, we’re asking users to create a drum and bass groove to an audio vamp.

Make a groove to the vamp below!

Make a groove & share on social media, and fame might follow

What can you win?

Weekly prize: 250 EUR of denise store credit
We will announce the winner on our social channels each week.
Grand prize: 1000 EUR of denise store credit for the final winner
The final winner will be announced on Jan 25th, 2021.
Get featured
We will feature each winning artist on our website and social media channel.

What are the rules?

Share on social media
Post your groove on social media (Facebook/Instagram/YouTube). Don’t forget to include the hashtag #denisegroove2020 and to tag our denise audio account.
45 seconds long video (screen-cap or image)
Must be up to 45 seconds long and show a denise audio plugin in the video. A still image for the duration of the groove is ok, but video showing the automation of the denise plugin you use (screen capture) will get you extra points!
Use the Perfect Plate XL (or more)
Use the Perfect Plate or Perfect Plate XL in the groove creation.
Massive extra points when you:
• Add a lead instrument like vocals (rap/grunt) or synth
• Include an odd time-signature for one or multiple beats
• Sneak in some ghost notes
• Reverse the sample
• Use parallel distortion with the denise God Mode

When are the winners announced?

We announce the weekly winner on Monday mornings (CET) on our social channels. To submit a competition entry, be sure to post before Thursday at 12:00am (CET). First week winner is announced on the 21st of December. The grand-prize winner will be announced on the 25th of January.

Start now!

Challenge runs until 25 January 2021
• We will use your submission on our website or social channels.
• Store credit must be spent on denise plugins on the website and cannot be refunded as cash.
• Prizes will be announced once a week for six weeks and the user must send their plugin choices to, stating the email they use for their account. Any emails from non-prize winners will be ignored.
• The winner/winning entry will be featured on our home page, with links to your social pages if you wish.
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