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The denise team explored the streets of Berlin to sample interesting sounds and sonic textures. These samples work exceptionally well with the Noize 2 adaptive algorithm to create exciting new vibes.


Frankfurter Tor
Frankfurter Tor - U5
Görlitzer Park
Berliner Schloss
Warschauer Str
Markthalle 9
In the heart of Berlin Friedrichshain, there's Frankfurter Tor - the "Frankfurt gate" - a square that's hard to miss with its tall towers erected in the typical Stalinist style. Above ground level, we sampled the sounds that make up a Berlin traffic crossing.
Frankfurter Tor
Traffic Light Beep 1 Loop
Traffic Light Knock 1 Loop
Fire Truck 1 Loop
Ambient Tram 1 Loop
Ambient Tram 2 Loop
Ambient Traffic 1
Ambient Traffic 2
Ambient Moped 1 Loop
Beneath the flow of cars, bikes and trams, the Berlin U-Bahn contributes to the soundscape of the city. Catch the U5 to Alexanderplatz or all the way into the East.
Frankfurter Tor - U5
Ambient Ubahn Rail 1 Loop
Ambient Ubahn Arrival 1
Ubahn Announcement 1 U5
Ubahn Announcement 2 Tur Schliesst
Voice Weird Guy 1
Ambient Ubahn Departure 1
Ambient Ubahn Inside 1 Loop - U5
Besides the underground U-Bahn, the S-Bahn system with its trains is the main way to cover long distances by public transport. The S3 will take you through the main parts of the city, operating between Spandau in the far West and the town of Erkner just East of Berlin.
Sbahn Door Beep 1
Görlitzer Park, lovingly nicknamed Görli by the locals, is a large park in the Kreuzberg district. While masses of people are still found relaxing here on sunny days, it's also attained notoriety for being a main drug trafficking site.
Görlitzer Park
Pump 1 Loop
After the divide, Friedrichshain became part of East Berlin and still boasts an entire street of Stalinist architecture. The district hosts a vibrant scene - its streets are full of unique cafés, bars and restaurants.
Footsteps 2 Street Loop
Ambient Cars 1 Cobblestone Loop
Ambient Skate 1 Loop
Originally having been built in the 15th century as a seat for the Electors of Brandenburg and later on the German Emperors, the City Palace was damaged in WWII and finally demolished by GDR authorities in 1950. Nowadays, its facades are being partially rebuilt to house a museum.
Berliner Schloss
Ambient Construction 1 Loop
Ambient Construction 2 Loop
Ambient Construction 3 Loop
The Marienkirche, or St. Mary's Church, was first mentioned as early as 1292, making it one of Berlin's oldest buildings. While it surpassed all surrounding sites in height back in the day, the Fernsehturm (TV tower), located a few meters further, now towers over it.
Footsteps 1 Church Loop
Michelberger Hotel is located on Warschauer Strasse in Friedrichshain. Oftentimes you'll find digital nomads working in the lobby - some bits of denise were created here as well!
Ambient Cafe 2 Loop
Ambient Underground 1 Loop
One of Berlin's most iconic sites, Alexanderplatz was lively even back in times of the Weimar republic - in fact, it was seen as the epitome of the vibrant, cosmopolitan city. Today, it is still the most frequented place in Berlin.
Ambient Ubahn Slowdown 1 Loop
Ambient Ubahn Departure 2
Ambient Ubahn Arrival 2
Ambient Street 1 Loop
Ambient Sbahn Rail 1 Loop
Warschauer Strasse is one of the busiest S-Bahn stations of the city, located on the bank of the Spree river. Here, we recorded some of the station's noises.
Warschauer Str
Ambient Construction 4 Loop
Once the main station of East Berlin, Ostbahnhof is now one of several stations in the city from which you cannot only catch the S-Bahn to other parts of Berlin and its suburbs, but also long distance trains to other European cities.
Ambient Station 1 Loop
Situated in lively Neukoelln district, Maybachufer is a street stretching along the bank of the canal. It's famous for its markets, where you can buy fresh fruit and Turkish food.
Ambient Market 1 Loop
Ambient Market 2 Loop
Berghain was closed and deserted on this particular day. Though there were some lights flickering inside, no people were around. With this unusually serene scene, we managed to record a bunch of birds living at the back of the building next to a pile of dumped DJ equipment and scaffolding.
Ambient Birds 1 Loop
One of original 14 such places, Market Hall 9 opened in 1891. Still today, you can find a variety of fresh foods and different lunch offers, making it a popular place for Berliners to meet.
Markthalle 9
Ambient Cafe 1 Loop
Roundtrip boats for tourists are taking off every hour or so on the Spreekanal. The tour will take you through the old parts of the city and along the famous museum island.
Ambient Boat Hum 1 Loop
The RAW area, close to Warschauer Strasse, offers spaces for intercultural projects and exhibitions. At night, you can party in one of its clubs or bars.
Ambient Air Vent 1 Loop
Sample pack contains 39 exclusive samples recorded at 16 locations in 48 kHz WAV 24/32-bit with a total size of 415 MB.

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Latest version: 1.0.0
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Version: 1.0.0
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