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art: Bo-Danique anim: Ivar sound: nrec

Bruise, break and crush to get that LoFi house-techno, industrial and IDM sound, but with full control and an analog edge.

Transition gradually from 32-bit all the way down to 1-bit for smooth automation with surgical precision.

Exercise full control over the frequency range you want to crush. Preserve the low end and color your sound.

Use the analog control to go from harsh and digital to subtle with a warm tone.

Use on a bus of full mix with the link button to retain the stereo image.

Reactions on Bite

Denis Emery T Profile Photo
Denis Emery T
Mastering Engineer/Producer
Target frequencies
“I like how Bite adds some subtle presence to the sounds. It also can be more brutal by adding noise, and using the filters to target frequencies.”
Hi5ghost Profile Photo
DJ / Producer
Analog feature is genius
“The analog feature for a bitcrusher is genius and paired with the high and low pass filters makes it easy to focus the distortion and how warm you want it to be. A tool fix for many jobs.”

Six use cases for Bite

DRY/WET examples by

Emina / Utica

Gives an edge to the instruments


Adds a layer of extra LoFi brightness


Industrial distorted vocals

Nrec / Dust

Gives an edge to the instruments

IDM sound

Degrade your drums for glitch


Gives your guitars that industrial tone

Combine with Noize

Besides being standalone plugins, the Space Invader & Bite work great with the denise Noize
Make your Noize sound even dirtier.
Igor Korzhov - Engineer/Producer
Igor Korzhov
“Essential combo for drum sample design. Placing the Bite first in the chain produces exciting textures.”
Ever been abducted by an invader?
DJ/Producer Sophia Saze
Sophia Saze
“Really enjoying the resonance on the tail end of the audio. Subtle additions make for a big impact.”
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