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The best adaptive noise generator plugin ever made

Picture of the Denise Noize plugin

A switch to generate noise that adapts to the volume of your track, in real time.

Mute the original audio to isolate the noise signal and apply additional effects.

Optimize the behaviour of the noise by tweaking the rise and fall time.

Choose between five types of noise and apply additional filtering.

After Stockholm based producer Jamie Boyle () won the 2018 denise plugin contest, we set out to create the best plugin for adding adaptive and musicial noise to your productions.

One "adapt" button...

An adaptive noise algorithm with a logarithmic envelope detector for an analog sound, all with extremely low CPU usage.

... for five types of noise

DRY/WET examples by

White Noise

Traditional noise - 0dB/oct

Violet Noise

Analog light hiss - 6dB/oct rise

Blue Noise

Mild and dark - 3dB/oct rise

Brown Noise

Ocean waves - 6dB/oct fall

Pink Noise

Mild and light - 3dB/oct fall

Reactions on Noize

Flavio Ferri Profile Photo
Flavio Ferri
Infinite possibilities
I've been waiting a long time for a plugin like this. You can build up rhythms, add air to your synths and vocals or create scary soundscapes. It gives you infinite possibilities, it's up to your creativity only.
Jamie Boyle Profile Photo
Jamie Boyle
DJ / Producer
A real game changer!
“denise took my concept for the Noize plugin. They delivered everything I imagined and more. The plugin brings character and life to all kind of sounds. It's a real game changer!”

Power up your Noize

Solo the noise signal and apply additional effects
Make your Noize sound even dirtier.
Igor Korzhov - Engineer/Producer
Igor Korzhov
“Essential combo for drum sample design. Placing the Bite first in the chain produces exciting textures.”
Ever been abducted by an invader?
DJ/Producer Sophia Saze
Sophia Saze
“Really enjoying the resonance on the tail end of the audio. Subtle additions make for a big impact.”
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