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Noize Retro
Free Limited Edition Retro Noise
The Sweeper plugin placeholder
Generate vintage noise that adapts to the volume of your track, in real time.
The Noize Retro is slimmed down limited edition version of the plugin, that features one unique adaptive noise type modeled after the noise produced by old-school arcade system boards, used for many popular arcade games since the 70s.

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Mix with Noize

Tips and ticks for mixing with Noize
Noize Retro: Kick
Noize Retro: Kick #2
Noize 2: Berlin U-Bahn
Noize 2: Riser
Adds noise to kick in This Love track by Kendra Black - Production by nrec

Make it more natural

Make digital samples and synths sound more natural.


Add character and sustain to drums, beats and percussive elements.

Grit & Power

Add grit and power to bass­synths, leads and paths.

Vintage vocals

Make vocal recordings sound vintage.


Add an aggressive layer to a built­up section or riser.

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