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Dragon Fire introduces Tonal Compression: a monstrous new and easier way to tame and color the dynamic of your tracks. On top of that, our Shape technology allows you to finely sculpt the flavor and behaviour of the compressor algorithm itself.

How to use the push-pull graph

To tame your track dynamics, the Dragon Fire offers a new approach that has the ease of use of an equalizer with its push-pull graph. Flavoring your sound and cutting through the mix has never been easier.
What is the push-pull graph?
Using push
Using pull
Cutting frequencies
”... The simplicity and effectiveness of Dragon Fire exceeds the professionals expectations.”
Image of Noize London
”Gets you thinking about dynamics in a way you have never done before!”
Image of Kamikaze Space Programme
Kamikaze Space Programme (Mord, Osiris Music, Unrush)
“I love the Dragon Fire’s flexibility and ability to completely flip the tonal character of drums, basslines or synths.”
Image of Tim Engelhardt
Tim Engelhardt
“Love the functionality and design of the plugin, and the tones it creates are fantastic!”
Image of Karistocat
Karistocat (HORIZONS, Soho Radio, PULSE)

Go Tonal

Dynamic saturation

Sculpt your compressor

Out of the box the Dragon Fire offers many classic compressor types, but why not go next level and design your own compressor style. Go from vintage to transparent and finally create that OPTO style compressor with a hard knee, a touch of VCA punch, and add some transformer flavor on top.
The curve slider
The RMS slider
The knee slider
Adaptive saturation
The clipper

New favourite to
cut through the mix

"Dragon Fire is doing the job of what I used to need a stack of plugins for! When I need something to cut through the mix, this is a new favourite."
Rhys May (Bring Me The Horizon, One OK Rock, Enter Shikari)
denise asked Rhys for feedback on the Dragon Fire as he had the opportunity to test the Dragon Fire some time before it’s release. He really flattered us as he sent over a short showcase video using the Dragon on a mix he was working on for Dohny Jep with his quote.

Video features


When we started to conceptualize a ‘denise style’ compressor, we wanted to go beyond emulating a classic compressor. It’s after all denise's mission to take inspiration from the analog world, but create plugins with their own unique soul, craziness and character. We wanted our compressor to give you the freedom to tune the sound of the compressor itself - imagine fine-tuning the compressor's saturation amount based on the gain reduction, or tweaking the envelope follower to sound more analog or vintage. Secondly, we wanted to make compressing multiple bands easy, controlled and more flexible than with a traditional multiband compressor. To achieve this we integrated the push-pull technology from our popular God Mode, so you can target the compression towards specific elements in your mix, like the snare in a full beat. These new features and technology made us rethink the mixing process entirely.

How to compress a kick
the tonal way

Before & After
Step 1: Analyse the mix
Step 2: Set the compressor
Step 3: Remove boxiness
Step 4: Enhance the low-end
Step 5: Add snappiness
Step 6: Final result

Make your vocals
cut through any
mix with this easy trick

See Enrico walk you through one of the most revered vocal mixing techniques, made famous by the legendary Andrew Sheps. Usually quite difficult to achieve, the technique is made easy by the Dragon Fire.
Read more about this technique on our blog.
Dragon Fire is an absolute game changer!
"It's a very well thought out, creative and effective tool for countless purposes. It has a very well designed, resizable interface which is easy and intuitive to use and there is also an extensive selection of useful presets. I'm really looking forward to using it a lot in my own tracks in the future and can highly recommend it to any music producer." - Krytika

Advanced drum mixing by our plugin developer nrec

This walkthrough was initially made for internal use only, long before the release. In the end, we liked it so much and thought it so informative, we decided to share it publicly.
Intro & rolling cigarette
Light cigarette
Room Mics
Drum bus

Transparent clipper

Shape these analog and vintage sounds

Hotkeys & controls

Introduction on how to use the controls and tricks with the GUI.
Graph: Working with single nodes
Graph: Selecting multiple nodes
Graph: Using Solo

Can you stand the heat?

The new way to be creative, save time,
tame tracks and cut trough the mix.
Push-pull graph
Shape your track dynamics the tonal way.
Shape technology
Sculpt any compressor flavor you like.
Adaptive saturation
Like an old tube compressor, the more you push
a signal the more it gets saturated.
Curve, RMS, Hold & Knee control
Finely sculpt the flavor and behaviour
of the compressor algorithm itself.
Transparent clipper
Use it heavily to add extra dirt and saturation.
Crazy Presets
Creative and classic compressor styles.
Single band mode
Easy switch to use the compressor in classic mode
as a single band compressor.
Easy to use
Well throughout resizable layout with handy
multi select graph and smooth controls.
Solo frequencies for auditioning
where to compress or for creative use.
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