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Noize 2

How do you Noize?

The follow-up to the
successful Noize 1 plugin

Noise is a secret weapon used by many professional producers to enhance and flavour their tracks: for example by making digital samples and synths sound more natural, adding grit and power to bass-synths, leads and paths, and adding character and sustain to drums and beats.
Jamie Boyle in his studio
Jamie Boyle
Producer Jamie Boyle had his dream plugin made (the Noize 1) by denise, after winning the 2018 plugin contest
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DJ & Producer
"Noize 2 has simply blown me away!"
“I must say I’ve been extremely impressed with the design and versatility of every plugin by denise, and the Noize 2 has simply blown me away. The sample loader really gave me the option to create my own textures and distortion.”

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Use noise everywhere

The real question is, when NOT to use Noize?
Drums: Snare give bite
Synth: add organic birds sounds
Retro vocals
Vocals: Crush & disturb
Synth: add organic rain sounds
Bass: Machine Room
Bass: Fry vocal
Drums: Room layer
Use noise to make snare more aggressive and reverby.
Birds sample added to synths for a naturalistic background.
Make vocals sound more retro and vinyl.
Make vocals disturbed by using a 0-fall-time filtered noise.
Rain is added to the synth pad to have a watery texture.
Adds an aggressive layer to the track, Noize filter is used to open up the sound.
A machine room sample has been used to create a new layer on top of the synthline
A fry vocal sample has been used to give organic grit and dirt.
Noise is used to create a room layer.

Load & edit your own samples

New ways of using samples to create noise
How do you load your own sample?
Techno U-bahn
Snare to Crowd
River to rhodes
Berlin Alexanderplatz to 909 Groove
Berlin U-Bahn to 808 Snare
In addition to our 8 built-in noise types, the Noize 2 allows you to load and edit your own samples. Using the Noize 2 with custom samples, like the ones from the denise Berlin sample pack, lets you add exciting layers that adapt seamlessly to the volume of your tracks.
"U-bahn (train) sounds and techno are an all time classic combo. This time the only part of the signal driving the Noize 2 (where I loaded a long sample from a U-Bahn field recording) is the 909 + delay. This generates a whole new rhythmical texture on top, that keeps sweeping as I’ve automated the fall parameter." - nrec
"The track where the drums are taken from is called “Don’t Bother me” by The Shell Collector. This one is an experimentation on how to create a “live” feel, so the snare track is given some Noize 2 with a filtered crowd sample. The snare is not gated, so the interesting fact here is that its ringing throughout the whole beat gets some “chatter sound” but the actual rim hit gets a nice “hey!” effect." - nrec
“A Rhodes piano is a very magical instrument. It always sounds warm and lush and I’ve been thinking to combine it with a natural element which would exalt its liquid feel. I made this soulful track precisely to try this out and it worked out really cool. It helped a lot glue the instrument with the rest of the production, which is more “modern” and synthetic.” - nrec
The song features a repetitive 909 loop and the aim of adding this sample is to create a hypnotic groove. The whole track is made as an uplifting train travel, so a sample from the U-Bahn (train) in Alexanderplatz from our Berlin Sounds sample library was perfect for the aim. We want to give these drums texture, they have to tell a story. Here is the drum loop we want to effect.
After loading the plugin, we give it the slightest amount of rise to make it more gentle and we lengthen the fall. We hi-pass the low frequencies to avoid any low rumble to stack up into the track and we automate the lo-pass filter to open up the sound as the track goes. Now let’s blend in this effect and play the full track again.
8 build-in noise types
Choose between eight types of noise and apply additional filtering.
Load & edit your own samples
Load your own sounds and apply filters and pitch control embedded in the sample editor window.
Real time adaptive
Generate noise that adapts to the volume of your track, in real time.
Solo mode
Isolate the noise signal and apply additional effects.
Easy to tweak
Optimize the behaviour of the noise by tweaking the rise and fall time.
DJ & Producer
"... add a layer, quickly!"
“I added some tops to a muddy mid range stab. The adapt setting, plus the attack and release settings are also really great features.”

We made a small sample pack Berlin sounds
to get with the Noize 2, watch how we made it here

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Bring in the Noize

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