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Noize Retro

Special Edition Retro Noise

Generate vintage noise that adapts to the volume of your track, in real time.

Mix with Noize

Tips and ticks for mixing with Noize
Noize Retro: Kick
Noize Retro: Kick #2
Noize 2: Berlin U-Bahn
Noize 2: Riser
Adds noise to kick in This Love track by Kendra Black.
artist: Kendra Black production: nrec 
Enhance a snare drum in a modern EDM production. I'm better track by Kendra Black - production by nrec
After loading the plugin, we give it the slightest amount of rise to make it more gentle and we lengthen the fall. We hi-pass the low frequencies to avoid any low rumble to stack up into the track and we automate the lo-pass filter to open up the sound as the track goes. Now let’s blend in this effect and play the full track again.
Adds an aggressive layer to the track, Noize filter is used to open up the sound.
Make it more natural
Make digital samples and synths sound more natural.
Add character and sustain to drums, beats and percussive elements.
Grit & Power
Add grit and power to bass­synths, leads and paths.
Vintage vocals
Make vocal recordings sound vintage.
Add an aggressive layer to a built­up section or riser.
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