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Perfect Plate

How does a supernatural plate sound?

Go supernatural with
the Perfect Plate

TXVerb™ powered technology

The goal of the denise Perfect Plate reverb is to easily manipulate your tracks in supernatural ways with supernatural sound quality. The Perfect Plate XL offers refined control over the key aspects that determine a plate’s sound, resulting in new possibilities to shape and combine plate reverb styles: make drums sound huge, like played in a oil tanker, give vocals a classic dreamy vintage reverb or make them sound like a resonating synth drone that rotates in the stereo field. We do this by utilizing our TXVerb™ technology known from the Perfect Room, praised by many engineers as the best natural reverb out there. To go even further beyond the realms of traditional reverb, we added tailor-made effects to work seamlessly with our core TXVerb™ technology. We challenge you to go supernatural with the resonator, drive, rotator & detune - and don’t forget about the internal ducker! Download an unlimited trial of the plugin at the end of this page.


Author at Everything
“denise has made my job writing a review on Perfect Plate very difficult because I'm speechless on how incredible this reverb sounds. Seriously congrats on this one. Wow.”

The denise Perfect Plate gives you
control over 5 aspects to shape
your plate sound

1: How quickly the plate vibrates
2: How long the plate vibrates
3: How long it takes for the plate to react to the input signal
4: How much space the plate takes
5 FX: How crazy the plate sounds
Immerse your tracks in a lush and dense reverb with long dampening settings or create metallic and snappy reflections using small values and changing the steepness of the curve.
artist: The Breatbeast song: Nomadic War Machine 
Give your vocals the right length and texture by setting the tail length of the plate according to your song's arrangement, from short transparent tones to sustained and dreamy reverb tails.
Maintain clarity over the elements of your mix by adjusting the pre-delay of the reverb, keeping transients tight and creating slapbacks suited for your song's tempo
Make any instrument go from mono to stereo with the split control. Use the width knob to go from a focused mono sound to a larger than life stereo reverb
Inject imperfections, resonances, distort and give movement to your reverb using the build-in effects. You can go from a rich and lush reverb to a lo-fi and scratchy tail that breaks into a fuzz. Or from a resonating synthesizer to a rotating speaker!

Watch our Perfect Plate walkthrough video


Control how quick & long the plate vibrates & how fast it response

Make rock vocals thicker & give them a vintage style plate reverb (XL)
Bright snappy snare
Deep plate tone to a snare (XL)
Ambience to a lead vocal
Plate to a saxophone (XL)
Create a huge sounding reverb for a powerful snare
Thick drum room (XL)
Fat & snappy drums (XL)
A combination of the drive and detune effects can help add thickness and a nice vintage plate style effect to vocals.
Snares can often use additional snap. The Perfect Plate can add just that, quickly and easily.
If you're plate is lacking some depth, the Perfect Plate can add that with built in effect and quick plate damping.
Plate ambience is one way to quickly add a warm depth to lead vocals.
A Saxophone sounds great in an ambient space, and with the Perfect Plate you can create just that.
If you want your snare to really have a big presence in the mix, the Perfect Plate can help you do just that.
A Perfect Plate can be used to enhance a drum room with a combination of effects on the plugin.
The Perfect Plate can help add a weight to drums through a combination between a fast damping curve and creative effects.

How much space it takes & EQ Graph (XL)

EQ Granular Synth
Psychedelic rotating ambience for a horn section (XL)
New tail and decay for your synth to expands in the stereo field.
EQ hi-hat
EQ guitar
Automate the movement of the width knob to make your instrument’s reverb breathe in the stereo field.
The rotate dial moves the tail from left to right, moving the ambience around the stereo space.
Adding the Perfect Plate to synths with the right color dampening curve and steepness will help you enhance an instrument’s tail and using pre-delay and the split function, you can make it become larger than life.
Use the rotator to rotate your hat to the sides of the stereo field and use eq automation to push it to the front or to the back, you can use fast dampening times and bright color for extra snap.
Automate the width knob to make an instrument shrink or expand in the stereo field, wear your headphones!
Use the split and the eq automation to create accents to the performance in the stereo field.

Reviews & features

FX: Rotator (XL) & Ducker (XL)

Arrangements with the
rotator’s LFOs (XL)
Desert-rock thick rotating vintage reverb (XL)
Wall of reverb for vocals without overpowering the words (XL)
Huge, tight and clean reverb for a snare and toms (XL)
Lush tail out of a short synth & make the reverberation pump (XL)
Vintage sounding tape-recorded rotating lush reverb (XL)
LFO pumping reverb, perfect for four to the floor patterns (XL)
The rotate dial can introduce some interesting LFO movement for drum hits.
The rotate can help move a lush reverb which moves around the stereo field to excite the effect.
`The ducker helps the reverb stay loud and the vocals to maintain their attack and clarity by making space in the reverb's initial reflections.
The ducker helps make space for a snare and toms, allowing the attack to come through and the reverb to be loud and present at the same time.
Add pumping to a lush sounding tail from an atmospheric synth.
The rotate, combined with other effects can help add movement and a vintage feel to the reverb tail.
Create something close to a side chain pumping effect with the rotate control.
Use the plate in unexpected ways
Tailored effects
Specifically designed to enhance the plate's core features

FX: Detune, Resonator (XL) & Drive (XL)

Create a resonating synth out of any audio (XL)
Fat & snappy drums (XL)
Create tuned bells from percussive samples (XL)
Vintage sounding tape-recorded short chamber reverb (XL)
Vintage sounding tape-recorded lush drum reverb (XL)
Vintage saturation for horns (XL)
Distorted loop from a whole bus (XL)
The resonate dial can be used to generate a sound similar to a synthesizer.
A combination of effects on the Perfect Plate can help enhance to drums depth and snap.
Using percussion sounds as a source for the reverb you can generate some really interesting atmospheric tones using the drive and resonator.
The detune dial is key here to creating a vintage sounding verb, with this example, creating a sound similar to a chamber reverb.
The detune here can help create a a drum reverb with a real vintage flare.
The glassy reverb effect can be generated from a combination of the resonator's three resonance dials.
The drive can be used here to create an overly distorted drum loop for your productions.

A room vs plate reverb

The night and day difference between a room and a plate reverb.

Both are called reverbs, but don’t be fooled. If a room reverb is like water, a plate is like fire. While a room reverb enhances the natural character of a sound - imagine a trumpet being played in a high end vintage studio - a plate reverb is literally sound passing through metal, which sounds surprisingly beautiful and full of character. It will allow you to enhance and change the trumpet’s timbre and character in space and time. Or, with the denise Perfect Plate XL, the ability to go supernatural: played in reverse, in a stream locomotive rotating in the air while slamming the locomotive with a sledge hammer.

Famous examples of natural reverbs are the drums on Steve Albini’s legendary mix of Nirvana’s “In Utero” or on The Jesus Lizard’s “Goat”. Listen to how they recreate a room sound or enhance the existing ambience. Plate reverbs tend to become iconic because of their recognisability, for example the vocals on Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” (pay attention to how the singer Grace Slick sounds like her voice comes from a dream), the entirety of “Dark Side Of The Moon” by Pink Floyd (the whole unearthly sound is made by only using an EMT Plate) or the lush vocal reverb on Sohn’s “Rennen”.

Crazy FX & external madness (XL)

Create a lush, dreamy sounding pad layer from a pluck sound (XL)
Trip-hop resonating drums (XL)
Snappy and metallic resonating slap back for drums (XL)
Create an industrial and harsh distortion box out of a synth (XL)
Create a wobble machine using the rotator and the resonator (XL)
The resonance, in combination with the rotate and detune can help create a really dreamy lush pad sound.
Create really unique sounding reverbs with a combination of the resonator and the drive. You can tune the resonator directly to the song’s tonality!
Snappy drums can have a real resonating, metallic effect when using a combination of Perfect Plate effects.
Create sound effects using a reverb, like this distortion box-type sound from a synth.
Create a dubstep-style wobble by using the Perfect Plate as an effects unit, and the rotator as an LFO.

Comes in two versions

What use-case fits you best?
The classic version is great for users who simply require a lush and great sounding plate.
The XL version extends the sound design capabilities by adding an EQ graph, control of the damping slope and creative effects (Reso, Drive & Rotate) specifically tailored for this reverb.

Nico Astegiano

Producer & YouTuber
“That's a masterpiece right there!“
“What an impressive Plate, I fell in love with the sound quality right away. Also, I love the addition of the resonance and the ducker dials in a reverb! The built-in EQ is also amazing and super practical!”
TXVerb™ reverb technology
Unique algorithm that enhances natural character & colouration.
Larger than life mono to stereo
Create a wide stereo reverb from a mono source without any phase issues.
EQ graph (XL)
Adjust the reverbs colour by shaping its frequencies and resonances in the built-in EQ graph.
Rotator (XL) & Ducker
Create movement by ducking and combining host-synced vibrato, tremolo, filtering & panning effects.
Control the plate’s character in space & time
Shape the 5 aspects that determine a plate’s sound.
Detune, Resonator (XL) & Drive (XL)
Inject metallic imperfections, add vintage flavour, build cinematic & SciFi effects or turn any audio source into a synth.
Resizable GUI & Perfect for external FX
Used on a bus, you can combine the Perfect Plate with all kinds of effects to create character and excitement.

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