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The Sweeper

Dynamically sweep frequencies

Compress, gate and now also Sweep!

Dynamic frequency Sweeping is a new way to
be creative and open up your mix.

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By setting its frequency based on the loudness of the source or side-chain signal, Sweeping becomes a more natural alternative to side-chain compression and gating, as well as a creative tool that lets you completely reshape your sound.


Use The Sweeper’s sound to the extreme
Happy synth!
303 Filter Style
Reinvent Arrangements
Wah-wah Effect
Filter The Delay
Organic Kick
We’re using The Sweeper at the highest resonance on a happy synth which is already very rich and gnarly.
Here we’re using the Sweeper’s resonance to add a sharp edge to an over-driven 303 style filter. The added automation of the end value really makes the filter effect come to life.
The synth here is side-chained to the kick to create wobbles that rearrange it in time with the kick’s rhythm. To make the synth even more exciting, we added a delay to the kick to create different 16th notes arrangements.
The sweeper is used on a guitar recording to achieve a wah-wah effect. Playing with attack times and resonance increases the emphasis of the effect.
We’re using the Sweeper here to create a whole new colour to the delay tail from a snare, by playing with it’s resonance.
By using a sharp peak in the top end of a kick drum sample, we can shape the kick to give it a more organic movement compared to adding a static peak from an EQ.

For the pro producer

Create space in your mix for a beautiful balance
Juno to 303
Organic Drum Fills
Side-chain Sweeping
Kick Design
Organic Synth
Remove hiss
Shape Your Drums
Here we’re using the Sweeper and some distortion to drive a Juno like crazy while filtering it to create a 303 type sound. The possibilities with this filter are endless!
Sometimes sample drum hits can sound very static and boring. The Sweeper allows you to add an element of movement to these samples helping them move in the way an organic drum hit does.
Sweep instead of side-chain compression. In this track the low end is overpowering, so we side-chain the kick to the bass. In this case, using traditional side-chain compression would push the low frequencies to the back of the mix and cause unwanted changes in the mid range. Listen to what happens when we use The Sweeper to only cut the low frequencies we want to: The bass stays clear and natural, keeping its power and presence in the mix.
In some bass heavy genres the kick should always sound huge and fat. But, problems can arise during faster parts of your song where the decays stack up with adjacent kicks, ruining the mix and the clarity of the kick itself. In this djent/metal drums, we used the Sweeper to remove the low rumble when the kick plays 16th notes by using a long attack time and short release.
The Sweeper can really help change the colour and movement of pads and synths. Here we show two different settings that both shape this synth from a static and bright sound, to a more resonant and smooth sound.
In this recording the drums, bass, synth and clavinet all have a lot of noise, and by using the Sweeper we can get rid of it in the less intrusive way. This helps to preserve the quality of sound.
In this case we’re using the resonance of the Sweeper with quick attack and release settings to create drum sounds out of concrete samples and of some pieces of metal. This technique can be used to breathe life into any recorded or found sound.
“This could be a game-changer for electronic production.”
Adaptive filter
The Sweeper is a dynamic resonant filter that sets its frequency based on the loudness of the source or the side-chain signal.
Interactive Graph
See in real time how the filter responds to the source signal or side-chain.
Start & end frequency
Define the filters desired start and end frequency with option to flip its direction.
Shape the frequency response of one track using another track as a trigger signal. Invent new sounds and to create space in your mix.
Attack & Release
Precisely control the filter\'s behaviour over time.
Go from subtle to extreme resonance for a wide range of use cases.
Peter Mohammed
"The Sweeper is genius!"
“The Sweeper is genius! Simple, powerful and very effective. The side-chain, filter and envelope combination is killer. It’s grooves for days with this bad boy!”

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