Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 18th of November 2020

How do I create an account on your website?

Simply click on the small icon of a person in the top right-hand corner of the screen and press “Join”. You will be given three options to sign up.

  • Facebook - You must be signed in to Facebook to sign in this way, and when you are, click on “Continue as [name]” to be signed in to your account.
  • Email & password - Enter your email, then choose a secure password, and you will be sent an email to confirm your sign up. Click the link contained in the email, and if you haven’t received the email, check your spam folder.
  • Email me a magic-link - enter your email and you will receive a magic-link which you can use to access your account. The link expires in 15 minutes and can only be used to sign in once.

When I’ve purchased a plugin at, where will I find the plugin?

If you are logged into your account, click on the person icon in the top right hand corner of your account and select “My Library”, your purchase will be available to download from there. Simple click on the three dots next to the plugin name, select “download” and choose the correct installers for your operating system.

Do I require a license code to use denise audio plugins?

Only with God Mode, Perfect Room and Perfect Plates plugins. You will receive your license code by email after your purchase and our system is very quick to use. The license code will also be in your library. With the other plugins from our range, simply download the plugin installers, install the plugins and start producing.

Can I transfer a license to another user?

No, it’s not something that’s possible at the moment.

I have a problem with my license key and have been given an error message from the plugin, what can I do?

Please send us an email to our support email ( with a screenshot of the plugin showing the error message. Also, tell us the operating system the DAW plus the version you're using and the email of your denise account to help us speed up the process.

How many devices are a denise license key valid for?


The latest plugin update isn’t showing on my Plugin Boutique account, why is that? and Plugin Boutique are separate stores, and not linked automatically. We inform Plugin Boutique of all updates but it may take them a few more days to update their website than it will for us.

Can I add Plugin Boutique purchases to my account?

Yes, please contact our support email ( and send us a proof of your purchase with Plugin Boutique, i.e. a copy of the invoice, and tell us which email address you're using for your account and we can help you with this. Also, send us the license key they have given you.

Do you offer a specific educational discount to students?

No, unfortunately we don't offer this at this time.

Can I trial any of your plugins before I use them?

Yes, you can trial any plugin from the denise range.

Will denise audio plugins work on my operating system?

Please check the 'Specs' section on every individual product page to find out the answer to that.

What is the best way to learn more about how your plugins work?

We create plugin walkthrough videos for all of our plugins which provide a detailed plugin breakdown of the individual controls and examples of how you can use the plugin. These videos are available either on our YouTube channel, or on the individual product pages on our website.

I’m a business, so can I use my sales tax number when processing my payment for plugin purchases?

Unfortunately no, as we don’t have a sales tax deduction system in place. We recommend that businesses use their own accounting to claim back any sales tax paid on denise audio plugins.

How do I get the latest updated version of each plugin?

We update all plugin versions on our website as soon as they’re released, so the latest plugin version can easily be downloaded from the “My Library” section of your account.

Can I use a Plugin Boutique checkout code on the website?

No, Plugin Boutique codes do not work on and can only be used on the Plugin Boutique website. The same is true for denise audio codes, they will only work on the web store.

My payment has failed at the checkout, what can I do?

We recommend waiting a few hours and trying to purchase the plugin again. We use a third-party payment provider to process payments, and even though the service is very reliable, the service can take some downtime for maintenance. If you’re trying to buy a plugin within this time-frame it will not process.

Will denise audio plugins make me a great producer?

They will certainly help! Whether you are a great producer or not depends on your experience and your commitment to your craft, but denise audio plugins can certainly help you become a great producer. This is because they add to your current mixing capabilities, bringing you more options for your mixdown with quicker way to achieve creative effects and a tighter mix down. Not to mention that the plugins use some great Digital Signal Processing (DSP), to give you the best choice for your mixes.

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