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We challenged ourselves to create a series of simple-to-use, powerful and great sounding plug-ins.

The great wall of Denise
Limit acoustic guitar, vocals and synth bass with zero attack to give them a strong presence in the mix. The fade dial gives you adjustable control over anticipated peaks with a brickwall punch.
Maximum boost, minimum load.
Extreme low CPU and no Pops! The Denise Transient Booster gives your bus tracks the transients they need with a peak-width control.
A gentle touch.
Most saturation plug-ins will destroy your transients as well as the sound. The Denise saturator gives you complete control with extreme distortion to smooth tape style saturation.

Who is using Denise?

Igor Korzhov
Sound Engineer, e.g. Popovy Sisters & Die Antwoord
“This is a type of saturator I never heard before, interesting stuff can be achieved. Smart saturator”
Bjorn Akesson
DJ / Producer
“The plug-ins are very easy to use and sound great, while their intuitive and straightforward interfaces make them suitable for both beginners and professionals.”
illyus & Barrientos
DJs / Producers
“We really like them and are using the Saturator for some gentle distortion and the Transient Booster to work on Kicks.”


When producing music ourselves, we at Denise noticed that we don’t always want to spend time tweaking extensive plug-ins. We wished for something simpler with the same great sound. Over the years of making music we encountered many features or sounds that were just not available yet. From all these experiences we formed a concept, and are creating a series of plug-ins.

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